Encourage others to sign the Appeal

Help us to reach as many Canadians of all ages as possible!
The more people sign the Appeal, the harder it will be for our Members of Parliament to ignore our requests.

Please encourage your family, friends, doctor, and co-workers to sign the Appeal.
Click HERE for suggested messages you can use.

Share the Appeal video

This is a great way to introduce the Appeal and increase public awareness.
The Appeal video featuring the CEO of Canadians for Safe Technology and former President of Microsoft Canada, Frank Clegg, has been viewed over 160,000 times:

• On YouTube
• On Facebook https://www.facebook.com/C4ST.ORG/

Help to increase the number of organizations supporting the Appeal

Non-profit organizations, businesses and governmental organizations such as town councils are encouraged to show their support. Everyone in Canada stands to benefit from a direct fibre connection and minimized exposure to radiofrequency radiation.

  Organizations can show their support by signing up here:

If you know of an organization that may be willing to support the Appeal, please give us the best contact name(s) and their email address(es). If you can help to secure their support, please let us know that too: contact@appel5gappeal.ca.

Share your concerns about 5G with all of your elected representatives

Many elected officials do not realize the extent of 5G installations, nor are they aware of the health and environmental issues.

Start a dialogue with your elected representatives at all levels – federal, provincial and municipal. Share your concerns and provide them with facts which you can get at www.c4st.org/5G and www.stopponsla5G.ca/appel.

Click here for a handy tool to communicate with your federal Member of Parliament.
  • It contains suggestions on how you may reply to your Member of Parliament if he or she responded to your message regarding the Appeal. From the replies that we have seen, many MPs are not well informed and are sharing inaccurate statements.
While the final word regarding telecommunications rests with the federal government, all of your elected officials represent you. Your health and well-being and that of the environment should be top of mind in all that they do.

Coming soon:
  • Information on working with your local municipal council to gain support for a symbolic resolution similar to those adopted by other municipalities in Canada (see Municipalities speaking out).

Become a "Community Leader" and help us to advance the Appeal.

If you are interested, please email us at contact@appel5gappeal.ca.

Our goal is to build a community-based cross-Canada campaign to gain the attention of the federal government to achieve our goals. We will provide resources for you to share with your community to help raise awareness and to build support. With a few hours of effort each week, a strong, vocal and influential community group can be created.