to the Government of Canada to Suspend the 5G Rollout
and to Choose Safe and Reliable Fibre Connections.

If recent events have shown us anything, it is that our health is what matters most, late responses to early warnings of potential harm are costly ... and we need the Internet!

The telecommunications industry is rushing to deploy 5G across Canada, with no prior health and environmental impact assessment, without fully understanding the economic consequences, and without informed consent.

Full 5G rollout will require the installation of hundreds of thousands 1 of new antennas throughout the country on cell towers, hydro poles, lamp posts, buildings and other structures, often within a few metres of where we live and work.

Canadians are largely unaware of the risks of chronic exposure to radiofrequency (RF) radiation emitted by cell tower antennas, small cell antennas, cellphones,2 cordless phones, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices such as tablets, laptops, baby monitors, wireless printers/keyboards/mice, gaming consoles, virtual reality headsets, wearables, "smart" appliances, and utility meters.

RF radiation is scientifically demonstrated to cause or contribute to numerous health effects, including cancers, sperm damage, reproductive harms, learning and memory deficits, and neurodegenerative, cellular and genetic damage.

We rely on the government to ensure our safety. To date, Health Canada and other Ministries have let us down.

We urge Canadians to appeal to the Government of Canada to "look before we leap," to immediately suspend any further 5G rollout, and to press for a safer, more cost-effective and secure alternative — namely fibre optic and wired connections to every home and business.


1. All Canadians need safe, fast, reliable, energy-efficient, secure and affordable Internet access.
  1. Connectivity, with wires and in particular fibre optic cable (fibre), is the best means to fulfill this need. Fibre does not emit radiofrequency (RF) radiation that is harmful; fibre is at least 100 times faster, 3 more reliable, secure and resilient 4 and is far more protective of privacy5,6 than wireless connectivity;7
  2. Wireless technologies emit harmful RF radiation, have a much larger carbon footprint than wired technologies, rely on rare minerals,8 and the Institute of Electrical ad Electronics Engineers (IEEE) published that, “Wireless technologies will continue to consume at least 10 times more power than wired technologies”;9
  3. The economic burden of wireless technologies has never been evaluated.10 While the benefits have been widely discussed, the actual costs – increasing healthcare costs,11 lost productivity related to adverse health effects from RF radiation exposure, costs engendered by security12 and privacy breaches13, environmental damage,14,15 and the foreseeable impacts to safety and property from the degradation of weather forecast accuracy16 – have never been assessed to determine if they outweigh the benefits.17

2. Canadians expect their government to protect their health and the environment.
  1. There has been no testing to ensure that 5G technology is safe for humans and the environment;18,19
  2. Health Canada’s Safety Code 6,20 the exposure guidelines for human exposure to RF radiation, does not protect Canadians’ health,21,22,23,24 nor does it address environmental safety. Canada’s guidelines lag behind those of many other countries.25 Health Canada’s process to update Safety Code 6 (in 2015) was deeply flawed,26,27 and exposure limits are based on the outdated premise that RF causes harm only at exposure levels that produce excessive heat.28,29,30 Hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific publications describe biological effects and harms with exposures far below Canada’s limits, in humans, plants, laboratory animals and wildlife such as birds and pollinators;31,32,33,34
  3. Wireless transmitters emit RF radiation, which is scientifically demonstrated to cause or contribute to numerous health effects including cancers,35,36 sperm damage,37 reproductive harms,38 learning and memory deficits,39 neurodegenerative, cellular and genetic damage.40,41,42 A growing number of Canadians also experience immediate and debilitating (but preventable) health problems such as headaches, irregular heartbeats, cognitive difficulties and insomnia, resulting in poor quality of life.43 All Canadians are susceptible to developing such health issues, unless their ever-increasing exposure to RF radiation is curtailed;
  4. Scientists report environmental harms to birds,44,45 pollinators,46 trees47 and other species,48,49 however, there are no environmental guidelines for RF radiation;50
  5. The default in Canada is for most, if not all, of our wireless devices and antennas to be “always on,” i.e., transmitting;
  6. In 2015, the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health (HESA) published a report entitled Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation and the Health of Canadians.51 Its 12 recommendations [click here to see those recommendations] addressed several of the issues mentioned above, and included a national awareness campaign about the harmful effects of wireless technologies and how to reduce risks. The report received all-party support and was tabled by the Conservative (2015) and Liberal (2016) majority governments. In 2010, a similar report was published.52 None of the recommendations have been implemented.53,54

3. Canadians expect and deserve a transparent public consultation process to choose telecommunications infrastructure.
  1. There are no requirements for Canadians to be consulted55 when cell antennas are added to existing structures (towers, buildings, lamp posts or hydro poles close to our homes); and municipalities do not have to be notified unless the municipality owns the structure. As for new towers, the public and the municipality must be consulted; however, the public consultation is carried out by the telecommunication company and is inadequate. Telecommunication companies, regarding health matters, say they comply with Safety Code 6. Further, if a municipality is opposed to the installation of a cell tower, the federal government can legally override that refusal.56 Recently, the 2020 report of the Broadcasting and Telecommunications Legislative Review Panel recommends giving the federal government even greater control over where antennas are placed in Canada;57


1. Ensure all Canadians can have Internet access that is safe, fast, reliable, resilient, secure, affordable, and, in the long-term, the most environmentally and economically sound for Canada:
  1. Require all telecommunications providers to provide fibre to the premises (FTTP) that can connect to wireline equipment in the premises, and to not replace existing wired telephone and Internet services with wireless;
  2. Invest in wired technologies, instead of wireless and satellite options, to expand high-speed Internet in communities underserved by the private sector across Canada;
  3. Complete an economic analysis, by the end of 2021, of the incremental revenue from 5G versus the total potential economic burden. This would include, but not be limited to: increased healthcare costs; lost productivity arising from adverse health effects; security and privacy breaches; damage to the environment; and risks to safety and property including those resulting from degraded weather forecast accuracy;
  4. Immediately suspend the installation of new antennas, especially “small cell” antennas near homes, hospitals, schools, public buildings and sensitive wildlife habitats, until safety guidelines have been appropriately revised and implemented, and until the total economic implications are understood;
  5. Immediately suspend the auctioning and transferring of all spectrum licences, until safety guidelines have been appropriately revised and implemented, and until the total economic implications are understood;

2. Protect Canadians’ health and the environment before further rollout of wireless infrastructure, including 5G:
  1. Implement the 12 recommendations in the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health (HESA) 2015 report Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation and the Health of Canadians; [click here to see those recommendations]
  2. Revise Health Canada’s Safety Code 6. A truly independent panel with appropriate expertise must systematically review the scientific evidence of the effects of RF radiation. This requires rigorous scientific methods, transparency, full public consultation from initial scoping throughout the process, and health-protective precautionary interpretation of findings;
  3. Establish binding guidelines to protect wildlife and the environment from RF radiation using a similar process;
  4. Building on the regulation of chemicals, shift the burden of proof to the telecommunications and wireless technology industries, and require that they prove that their products are not harmful to Canadians or the environment;
  5. Ensure Canadians’ indoor and outdoor exposure to RF radiation from wireless technologies is kept as low as possible (ALARA or “as low as reasonably achievable”) through proper regulation, monitoring, enforcement and ongoing public education and technical device management. One of many examples would be to require that all wireless devices and antennas not transmit (i.e., not emit radiation) when not in use.

3. Provide a meaningful, transparent process for municipalities and their citizens to have a decisive say over the installation of cellular network antennas.
  1. Provide a meaningful, transparent process for municipalities and their citizens to have a decisive say over whether and where cellular network antennas are installed, on either towers or non-tower structures (e.g., lamp posts, hydro poles and buildings). Informed public participatory consultation and local decision-making regarding current and future antenna siting would replace the broad powers currently resting with the Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED).


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